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CHPWHP2013 Call for Conference Presentations

Jul 10, 2013

The nation’s only conference and trade show dedicated to Waste Heat to Power and Combined Heat and Power to be held Oct 7 and 8 in Houston, Texas


Presentation abstracts are now being accepted for the CHP & WHP Conference and Trade Show to be held October 7 & 8 in Houston, Texas. This year’s event will integrate both Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Waste Heat to Power (WHP) technologies in one power-packed event.Industrial competitiveness, recent initiatives from the Obama Administration, natural gas supplies and state initiatives have spurred great interest in combined heat and power and waste heat to power technologies. Addressing these interests and more, the Texas Combined Heat and Power Initiative (TXCHPI), The Heat is Power Association (HiP) and World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) are convening this conference and trade show.

CHP and WHP industry members, practitioners, project developers and others are invited to submit presentation abstracts for this important and relevant conference.

Presentations are requested on the following general topics:

  • Technologies, R&D and Commercial Developments
  • CHP
  • WHP
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Heat-Driven Cooling, Chilled Water Storage & Ancillary Equipment

Case Studies Examples

  • CHP
  • WHP
  • Small Systems and Microgrids
  • MicroCHP
  • Efficiency & Resiliency

Policy Initiatives

  • Policy Outlook – Federal, State, Gulf Coast Region
  • Lessons from States, Europe, Other
  • Regulation and Legislation – opportunities and challenges

Compliance & Environmental Strategies

  • Market Perspectives, Financing, Risk
  • Project Development and Financing
  • Technology Innovation
  • Waste Heat Host Sites
  • Market Challenges & Enablers
  • Project Development, Financing and Risk Management Strategies

Prime Movers

  • CHP technologies – turbines, engines, boilers
  • WHP technologies – ORC, Kalina, Stirling, sCO2, Thermoelectrics
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Heat-Driven Cooling, Chilled Water Storage & Ancillary Equipment


  • Sustainable CHP: Biomass, Landfill Gas, and Low Carbon Options
  • Waste Heat as a Renewable-Equivalent Resource
  • Natural Gas

You are welcome to submit presentation topics that may not fit into one of the above categories but are of interest to the CHP and WHP industries. The deadline to submit an abstract is August 23, 2013.  Abstract acceptance e-mails will be delivered by August 30.

Please tailor your abstract as follows:

  • Relevant: Abstracts should be relevant to the CHP and WHP industries. Abstracts should clearly illustrate how the presentation topic relates to a particular track topic or identify that it proposes a new track topic.
  • Interesting: Abstracts should communicate that the presentation will be interesting for a diverse spectrum of conference attendees.
  • Significant: Abstracts should highlight the significant points that will be raised in the presentation.
  • Detailed: Abstract should include sufficient specific information to illustrate the presentation’s key points. For example, it should include details regarding how a technology, system, or process will improve production, reduce costs, and/or increase value.
  • Understandable: Abstracts should be easily understandable. In addition, the abstract should communicate to reviewers that the presentation will be understandable (within reason) to a diverse spectrum of conference attendees.
  • Succinct: Abstracts should communicate the presentation concept and value as succinctly as possible. Abstracts should only be as long as is needed to communicate the topic effectively. Ideally, abstracts will be no longer than 450 words.

Submit abstracts complete with speaker names, titles and contact information to:abstracts@texaschpi.org

Additional conference details will soon be sent. For questions, exhibitor and sponsorship information, please contact Paul Cauduro at (512) 705-9996 or paulc@texaschpi.org or Susan Brodie at (630) 292-1304 or susan@heatispower.org