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HiP urges inclusion of WHP in tax bill

Dec 12, 2017

HiP urges Congress to clarify Sec. 48 eligibility for WHP as Senate and House conferees reconcile the House and Senate versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Key points of HiP letter to conferees:

  • The incremental costs of the WHP provision in S. 1409 would be limited
  • It is exceedingly difficult to develop this clean, reliable, domestic source of energy without parity in the tax code
  • Encouraging a diverse portfolio of energy resources will support U.S. energy security, resiliency and the economy
  • Energy tax measures should be structured such that benefits are provided to all qualifying technologies in accordance with the energy, environmental, and other public benefits they generate, and allow energy sources to compete on an even playing field
  • Consistent and predictable tax policy is fundamental to investment and job creation
  • The energy tax landscape in recent years has been rife with uncertainty due to numerous short-term extensions, expirations, and retroactive extensions, plus critical omissions such as the eligibility of WHP for the ITC

Read the letter here