About HiP

The Heat is Power Association is the trade association of the Waste Heat to Power (WHP) industry.  The not-for-profit organization is committed to educating decision makers and the public about the characteristics of waste heat to power as a source for emission-free electricity and an economic driver for global competitiveness. The Heat is Power Association promotes the efficient, industrial use of emission-free electricity generated through WHP processes.

The Heat is Power Association’s focus includes bringing the global  industry together for networking, education, and shared data resources, as well as for a united, consistent and effective advocacy effort in the United States on the state and federal level.

On the advocacy front, our efforts include educating policy makers, regulators, and energy and environmental stakeholders about the barriers to deployment of WHP technologies and advocating for fair and equivalent treatment of WHP.  The Association also works hard to partner with other clean energy organizations at the state and federal levels to leverage one another’s resources and networks. Please visit “Our Efforts” page to learn of current advocacy successes and priorities.


The Heat is Power Association Leadership


Executive Director – Susan Brodie

Chair – John Prunkl, Primary Energy Recycling Corporation


Ray Deyoe, Managing Director Integral Power

John Fox, CEO ElectraTherm

Dr. Matthew Scullin, Founder and CEO Alphabet Energy

Chair of Advocacy Committee – John Fox, CEO ElectraTherm



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