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Alphabet Energy is commercializing breakthrough, inexpensive waste heat recovery products based on technology developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Alphabet aims to offer the most modular and scalable heat-recovery technology available, and to tap into the potential $100 billion market for the conversion of medium- and high-grade waste heat into electricity — offsetting as many as 500 million metric tons of carbon per year. Alphabet Energy won four awards at the 2009 Cleantech Open business competition: runner-up, National Prize; winner, National People’s Choice Award; winner,California region Energy-Efficiency Prize; winner,California region Sustainability Prize.


Cool Energy, founded in 2006, designs, builds, markets, and licenses the ThermoHeartTM Engine, a low-temperature, high-efficiency, quiet Stirling Engine. Powered by medium-temperature heat sources, our fifth-generation engine is rated as a 25kW electrical generator at 400°C. When used for waste heat recovery (WHR), the ThermoHeart Engine can produce useful electrical power at exhaust gas or fluid temperatures between 150°C and 600°C.  WHR can be performed on processes such as coffee roasting, pollution control, industrial furnaces, and diesel/natural-gas engines to produce on-site electricity, lowering customer utility bills and avoiding carbon emissions. Cool Energy is seeking partners for paid pilot installations, market channel collaborations, and licensing of its innovative and high-performance engine designs.


Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, known as CSE (OTCQB: CSEI), markets PwrCor™, a proprietary technology that operates on thermal hydraulic principles that converts very low grade waste heat (82C) to electricity or mechanical power. PwrCor™ technology is based upon the expansion and contraction of a pressurized working fluid that is used to drive a piston. The working fluid is not volatile and maintains its physical state as it completes a cycle induced by applying hot and cold water. PwrCor™ produces no pollution, operates silently, and has been patented in over 40 countries.


Echogen Power Systems has developed a proprietary thermal engine to convert industrial waste heat into electricity, reducing the demand that large power consumers currently place on the grid. Target customers face high energy demands and must satisfy this need cost-effectively while complying with ever-tightening greenhouse emission standards. Echogen’s technology allows customers to repurpose their waste heat into electricity reducing fuel cost up to 30%.


ElectraTherm, Inc. is a renewable energy company headquartered inReno,Nevada. ElectraTherm’s product, the Green Machine, generates fuel-free, emission-free power from low to mid-temperature waste heat using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and patented technology. Our machines are modular, robust power generators with an attractive payback.


Ener-G-Rotors is commercializing devices based on a near frictionless gerotor expander in an organic Rankine cycle that turns low temperature heat into electricity, opening up a new market in waste heat utilization and changing the technology landscape for solar thermal and geothermal installations. Our customers can now efficiently recover some of the estimated 15 quadrillion BTUs of low grade waste heat generated in the US by combined heat and power plants, industrial processes, and commercial buildings. In many cases, the payback on these investments is less than two or three years.


Gulf Coast Green Energy specializes in selling and installing waste heat-to-power equipment for geothermal, oil and gas, solar thermal and internal combustion engine industrial applications.  We take great pride in selling electrical generating technology that is both environmentally and financially sound.


Integral Power, LLC is a project development company with a mission to develop, own and operate environmentally responsible energy projects with high value and low commercial risk. This approach has focused the company on integrating combined heat & power (CHP) projects within existing industrial facilities to capture benefits not possible with stand alone power or gas fired steam generation.  IP’s project developments cover a broad spectrum of industries acrossNorth America.


Ironclad Energy Partners was founded in 2016 for the purpose of acquiring, developing, owning, operating, and making capital investments in middle-market energy facilities. The Ironclad principals have acquired, owned, partnered, operated, and/or constructed projects in the U.S. and around the world totaling more than 11,000 MW of capacity. Ironclad plans to acquire facilities and improve them commercially, technically, and/or operationally to increase the value to customers and investors.


Primary Energy Recycling Corporation, headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, owns and operates four recycled energy projects and a 50 per cent interest in a pulverized coal facility (collectively, the “Projects”). The Projects have a combined electrical generating capacity of 283 megawatts and a combined steam generating capacity of 1.8M lbs/hour. Primary Energy Recycling Corporation creates value for its customers by capturing and recycling waste energy from industrial and electric generation processes and converting it into reliable and economical electricity and thermal energy for resale back to its customers. For more information, please see


ThermaDrive – Providing efficient, affordable power generation from low temperature waste heat.


Alliance for Industrial Efficiency is a growing coalition of business, labor, and non-profit organizations that advocate for policies that increaseU.S. manufacturing competitiveness through industrial energy efficiency, especially the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Waste Heat to Power (WHP).


The Pew Charitable Trusts Clean Energy Initiative is working to accelerate the clean energy economy for its national security, economic and environmental benefits. The initiative promotes the adoption of key changes toU.S. energy policy in four sectors: industry, utilities, transportation and research.  Specifically, Pew will build support for: increasing fuel economy and encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles, ensuring that theU.S. electric and industrial sectors are cleaner and more efficient, and fosteringU.S. innovation through expanded energy research and development.


The SMU Geothermal Laboratory supplies vital information on the renewable energy source tapped from the Earth’s internal heat. In over 42 continuous years as a center of excellence, SMU’s Geothermal Laboratory has been awarded over $9M from the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the Texas State Energy Office, and others, to research this source of clean renewable energy.  Additionally, the SMU Geothermal Lab is the host of the conference dedicated to Geothermal Energy and Waste Heat to Power Utilization Associated with Oil and Gas Development.

Alliance to Save Energy is a nonprofit organization that promotes energy efficiency worldwide through research, education and advocacy. We encourage business, government, environmental and consumer leaders to use energy efficiency as a means to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment and greater energy security.


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