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Alliance Pipeline and NRGreen Power Join Heat is Power Association

Mar 8, 2012

WASHINGTON –Two new steering committee members have joined the Heat is Power Association, expanding the breadth of companies committed to realizing the potential of waste heat to power (WH2P) technology. As the leading trade association dedicated to raising the acceptance, use and profile of waste heat as a tremendous and abundant resource for emission free electricity, Heat is Power is growing rapidly.

“These two new members are actively helping to drive the organization’s critical issues to new heights,” said Kelsey Walker, Executive Director, Heat is Power Association. “As we strive to elevate the recognition of WH2P as a resource for emission-free electricity, members like Alliance Pipeline and NRGreen Power will play an important role in helping achieve the success we know is possible.”

Capturing waste heat’s potential could generate as much as $3 billion in annual savings for American industry, create 160,000 new American jobs, and generate 10 GW of emission-free electricity—enough to power 10 million American homes. As these two new experienced members demonstrate, making use of waste heat is good business and good for the environment.

“Alliance Pipeline and NRGreen Power are pleased to join the Heat is Power Association. This technology allows us to capture waste heat as energy that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, transforming it into electric power, without producing any new emissions. This makes for a very clean form of electricity generation,” said Jim Walsh, Vice President of Operations at NRGreen Power, an Alliance Pipeline partner in clean energy development.

The Heat is Power Association is committed to informing the public and policymakers about the many benefits of WH2P technology for industry, the economy and the environment. While only 11 states currently recognize waste heat in their renewable energy standards, the Heat is Power Association seeks to achieve parity for waste heat with other resources of emission free electricity, such as wind and solar, across the nation. The Association supports the bipartisan Heat is Power Act (HR 2812), and the inclusion of waste heat in every state’s renewable energy portfolio.


About Heat is Power Association

The Heat is Power Association is the trade association of the waste heat to power (WH2P) industry. Representing businesses everywhere, the not-for-profit association is committed to educating decision makers and the public about the benefits of waste heat recovery as an economic driver and resource for emission-free electricity. Heat is Power Association members include: TAS Energy, Inc., GE Energy, Primary Energy Recycling Corporation, Alliance Pipeline, NRGreen Power Limited Partnership, Calnetix Power Solutions, ElectraTherm Inc., Turbo Thermal LLC, Barber-Nichols, Inc., Alphabet Energy, Ener-G-Rotors, EchoGen, RobustEnergy LLC, Infastech TM, Integral Power LLC, Guardian Industries, Smardt Chillers Group, Gulf Coast Green Energy, Hudson Products Corp., Hyundai Ideal and KGRA Energy.

 To learn more, visit www.heatispower.org.

 About Alliance Pipeline

The Alliance Pipeline system consists of an approximately 2,311-mile integrated Canadian and U.S. high-pressure natural gas transmission pipeline system, delivering rich natural gas from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and the U.S. Williston Basin to the Chicago market hub. The United States portion of the system is owned and operated by Alliance Pipeline L.P. and consists of approximately 900 milesof mainline and related infrastructure. The system has been in commercial service since December 2000 and delivers, on average, about 1.6 billion standard cubic feet of natural gas per day. More information about the company is available at www.alliancepipeline.com.

About NRGreen Power

NRGreen Power Limited Partnership, a company related to Alliance Pipeline, was established in 2002 to pursue the commercial development of electrical generation opportunities associated with the Alliance Pipeline system. At present, NRGreen Power has four Waste Heat Recovery Units in place, successfully generating electrical power in Saskatchewan. Each unit produces an average of five megawatts (MW) of energy per hour, enough to power the equivalent of 5,000 homes.  More information about the company is available at www.nrgreenpower.com

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