An American Opportunity

The unique characteristic of Waste Heat to Power (WHP) as both a resource for emission-free electricity as well as a means to improve overall industrial energy efficiency and competitiveness makes it a natural and integral part of all clean energy and jobs discussions.

American industry generates vast amounts of waste heat in various processes. Capturing this resource could result in the investment $20-40 billion for new facilities, 160,000 new American jobs, and generate enough emission-free electricity annually to power 10 million American homes. Waste Heat to Power (WHP) is an opportunity to leverage American ingenuity and innovation to spark new economic growth with the byproduct of emission-free electricity and improve American industrial’s competitiveness by lowering their cost of electricity. Heat is Power—Let’s capture it.

Modular WHP units are manufactured to be replicated on the American shop floor with many companies manufacturing this technology with greater than 90% American content.