American Competitiveness

The Door is Open for U.S. Leadership of Global Exports
Current advancements in Waste Heat to Power processes have the US prepared to be the global leader in WHP exports. Yet global competition is on the rise, with developed and developing countries everywhere vying to be the solutions provider to the complex issue of volatile energy prices and emissions control.

Modular WHP units are manufactured to be replicated on the American shop floor with most companies manufacturing this technology with greater than 90% American content. Advanced Waste Heat to Power technology is the exact same, made-in-the-USA technology that is currently in use in geothermal and solar thermal processes. By creating a vibrant Waste Heat to Power market, the US will be able to provide a reoccurring stream of zero-emission electricity, while creating new profit streams, reducing energy costs of US industrials, and leading the world in the manufacturing of this innovative technology.

WHP creates the same emission-free electricity as traditional renewables while  improving overall energy efficiency. These unique characteristics of WHP make it a natural and integral piece of all clean energy discussions.