160,000 New American Manufacturing Jobs

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, significant quantities of industrial waste heat from essential American industries like cement, iron/steel, aluminum, glass, chemical, petroleum refining, gas pipeline and paper, are lost every day. Capturing this waste heat potential could generate 160,000 jobs. With national unemployment hovering at all time highs, this is a significant opportunity to get Americans back to work through the development and application of Made in the USA technology.

Expansion of a U.S. Waste Heat to Power market would:

  • Increase our domestic clean energy production;
  • Provide reliable, base load, clean, emission-free, cost effective power;
  • Help our manufacturing sector;
  • Generate and sustain American jobs; and
  • Add a new product for the U.S. in the global clean energy race.

The biggest reason the current market for capturing heat for emission-free electricity is small in the United States is because industrial waste heat is not recognized appropriately for its emission-free characteristics as a renewable equivalent in federal legislation (and thereby many States as well). Without this classification, utilities have no incentive to purchase the emission-free power nor to provide an economically feasible price for its generation…just as was once the case for traditional renewables. By updating Sections 45 and 48 of the U.S. tax code, Congress would recognize waste heat as a renewable equivalent, facilitating the creation of American jobs and ensure American leadership in the global clean energy race. Similarly, state governments should include industrial waste heat in their Renewable, Clean, and Alternative Energy resource standards and other local incentives for emission-free power.