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HiP Welcomes Two New Members

Jun 4, 2015

Cool Energy and CSE Join the Heat is Power Association

Oak Brook, IL – June 4, 2015 –The Heat is Power Association (HiP) is pleased to welcome two new members.

Cool Energy, based in Boulder, CO, is developer of the ThermoHeart™ Engine, a Stirling cycle engine that captures medium temperature (150°C to 400°C) waste heat that an industrial site, commercial process or power generator is already emitting, and turns it into clean electricity. Cool Energy waste heat to power (WHP) systems employ low-cost materials, self-lubricating components, a nitrogen working gas and very long service intervals with payback periods as low as one year.  Power generation with Cool Energy equipment produces no emissions, is very quiet, and provides its customers with on-site power.

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, known as CSE (OTCQB: CSEI), based in New York, NY, markets PwrCor™, a proprietary technology that operates on thermal hydraulic principles that converts very low grade waste heat (82C) to electricity or mechanical power. PwrCor™ technology is based upon the expansion and contraction of a pressurized working fluid that is used to drive a piston. The working fluid is not volatile and maintains its physical state as it completes a cycle induced by applying hot and cold water.  PwrCor™ produces no pollution, operates silently, has been patented in over 40 countries and earlier received, with the DOE, the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s award for Outstanding Technology.

“We are pleased to welcome these new members to the Association,” said John Prunkl, Chairman of the Heat is Power Association and President and CEO of Primary Energy Recycling Corporation. “We look forward to working with Cool Energy and CSE to continue our mission of gaining parity for WHP with other sources of clean power generated without additional fuel or emissions, and to promote the economic and environmental benefits of WHP.”

“Waste heat to power offers a big opportunity to increase industrial efficiency in the U.S., and the technologies to address those opportunities are growing and evolving,” said Thomas Telegades, CEO of CSE. “We’re excited about working with Heat is Power to expand the implementation of waste heat to power within the industrial sector.”

“We are happy to join efforts with HiP to gain parity for WHP with other forms of clean, emission-free power,” said Sam Weaver, President and CEO of Cool Energy.  “We’re looking forward to working with Heat is Power to create a positive regulatory environment to speed deployment of these technologies.”

“The addition of these two companies to the Association expands the breadth of technologies our members are using to convert industrial waste heat into clean electricity,” said Susan Brodie, Executive Director of The Heat is Power Association. “Heat is Power members use a variety of technologies, from the more traditional steam cycle and organic Rankine cycle (ORC) based systems, to breakthrough thermoelectric materials, supercritical CO2 cycle, and now Stirling engine and thermal hydraulics. We are excited to welcome these two companies that share our vision.”

The Heat is Power Association educates decision makers about clean energy from waste heat and advocates for policies that provide parity for WHP with other sources of emission-free power like wind, solar and geothermal. Our efforts include educating policy makers, regulators, and energy and environmental stakeholders about the barriers to deployment of WHP technologies and promote fair and equivalent treatment of WHP.  Our interests in policy development include eliminating barriers to WHP deployment such as interconnection challenges, gaining inclusion of WHP in state and federal clean energy programs, and obtaining equivalent tax treatment for WHP with other sources of power that use no additional fuel and generate no incremental emissions.


About Cool Energy

Founded in 2006, Cool Energy designs, builds, markets, and licenses the ThermoHeartTM Engine, a low-temperature, high-efficiency, quiet Stirling Engine. Powered by medium-temperature heat sources, this fifth-generation engine is rated as a 25kW electrical generator at 400°C. When used for waste heat recovery (WHR), the ThermoHeart Engine can produce useful electrical power at exhaust gas or fluid temperatures between 150°C and 600°C. WHR can be performed on processes such as coffee roasting, pollution control, industrial furnaces, and diesel/natural-gas engines to produce on-site electricity, lowering customer utility bills and avoiding carbon emissions. Cool Energy is seeking partners for paid pilot installations, market channel collaborations, and licensing of its innovative and high-performance engine designs.  For more information see www.coolenergy.com.
About Cornerstone Sustainable Energy (CSE)

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, Inc (CSE) helps large energy consumers reduce the cost of existing power consumption and added power requirements. The Company identifies, selects, and implements cost-effective and sustainable energy production technologies for its customers, and assists in various ways to finance those improvements. While CSE has access to proprietary technology, it prides itself on selecting the best appropriate technology for any particular application. CSE is now capable of providing, for delivery or testing, its proprietary PwrCor™ engine designed to generate 10kWe from a 6gpm hot water waste heat stream at 82C. This configuration is readily scalable to at least 80kWe. CSE intends to offer larger engine options, using a different configuration, specified to generate between 125kWe and 500kWe. All engines are skid-mounted with modest footprints.  For more information see www.cseindustries.com.

About The Heat is Power Association

The Heat is Power Association (HiP) is the trade association for the waste heat to power (WHP) industry. WHP uses waste heat from industrial processes to generate electricity with no additional fuel, no combustion, and no incremental emissions. HiP educates decision makers about clean energy from waste heat and lobbies for policies that provide parity for WHP with other sources of emission-free power like wind, solar and geothermal. Heat is Power Association members include Alphabet Energy, Cool Energy, Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, Echogen, ElectraTherm, Ener-G-Rotors, Gulf Coast Green Energy, Integral Power, Primary Energy Recycling Corporation, Smardt Chillers Group, Alliance for Industrial Efficiency, Alliance to Save Energy, Pew Clean Energy Program, and SMU Geothermal Laboratory.  To learn more, visit www.heatispower.org.

HiP Welcomes Two New Members