Aug 12, 2016

HiP Letter to Energy Bill Conference Leaders

Heat is Power sent a letter to leaders of the Senate and House Energy Bill conference asking them to support inclusion of the following in a bipartisan energy policy bill that can be signed into law: Define renewables to include WHP Provide model guidance for WHP and combined heat and power (CHP) systems Recognize WHP and CHP resiliency […]

Jul 15, 2016

Waste Heat from Coffee and Oil & Gas Generates Electricity Without Emissions

What does oil and gas production have in common with coffee roasting? Both produce large amounts of heat that can be used to generate electricity without emissions. Alphabet Energy of Hayward, CA will capture heat from gas that is flared in the Bakken oil and gas fields and use it to generate electricity with no additional fuel […]

Jun 24, 2016

HiP Comments to Senate Finance Committee Energy Tax Policy Hearing

Heat is Power provided comments to the Senate Finance Committee regarding their June 14 energy tax policy hearing. The comments urged Congress to support legislation that clarifies that WHP is a qualifying technology in Section 48 of the IRC and also expressed support for Ranking Member Wyden’s technology-neutral clean energy tax incentive proposal. Both will help level the field […]

Apr 11, 2016

Support for Expanding MLP to Clean Energy Technologies

Thirteen organizations, whose members include over a thousand companies and interest groups, today urged Senate leadership to support the expansion of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) to the U.S. clean energy sector. MLPs, currently limited primarily to fossil fuel-based resources, allow companies to finance projects deploying qualifying technologies at lower interest rates. Expanding MLPs to clean energy technologies such […]

Apr 5, 2016

24 Entities Urge Congress to Include WHP in Energy Tax Legislation

The Heat is Power Association plus 23 other companies and organizations today sent letters to Congress urging them to clarify that the existing Section 48 investment tax credit for combined heat and power (CHP) includes waste heat to power (WHP) as well. As a clean power source, WHP generates electricity with no fuel, no combustion, […]

Feb 16, 2016

HiP + 23 Companies and Organizations Urge IRS to include WHP in the ITC

Twenty-three companies and organizations joined the Heat is Power Association in written comments to the IRS urging the agency to clarify that the definition of combined heat and power (CHP) system property in Section 48 of the U.S. tax code includes both topping cycle and bottoming cycle cogeneration, the latter also known as waste heat to […]

Jan 21, 2016

HiP Comments on Proposed EPA Clean Power Plan – federal plan, model trading rules and CEIP

The Heat is Power Association today submitted comments to the U.S. EPA regarding the proposed Clean Power Plan federal plan, model trading rules and Clean Energy Incentive Program. HiP commended EPA for recognizing the benefits of non-emitting WHP and for including provisions to permit and encourage WHP as a compliance option in the CPP. In addition, […]

Dec 17, 2015

HiP Urges Leaders in House and Senate to include WHP in ITC

The Heat is Power Association sent letters to Senate and House Leadership urging inclusion of waste heat to power (WHP) in the Sec. 48 investment tax credit in any Manager’s Amendment or other changes to the pending Extenders and Omnibus measures. The Senate Finance Committee early this year reported by voice vote S. 913 (Senators […]

Dec 8, 2015

HiP Supports Exemption from Ontario Boiler Regulation for ORC systems

The Heat is Power Association wrote a letter of support to Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and its Technical Standard & Safety Authority to express support for exempting ORC systems from Boiler reg. 219/01, thus approving the ORC for unattended operation while requiring a lower level of operator certification. In addition, HiP requested […]

Dec 2, 2015

Encourage your Congressmen to support the POWER Act to improve industrial energy efficiency, reduce emissions, create U.S. jobs and increase U.S. competitiveness

Imagine if every time you stopped to buy gas, you spilled two gallons for every one you put in the tank. That’s exactly what happens with energy wasted at factories and power plants across the United States: for every ton of coal burned to generate power, two-thirds of the potential energy is lost. What if […]

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