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Smart Grid News highlights exciting news of Heat is Power Association launch

Feb 9, 2012

Smart Grid News reports: A new smart grid market? Waste heat to power. A coalition dedicated to wide-scale development of a new market based on converting waste heat to power has ‘re-launched’ in an effort to educate decision makers and the public about the benefits of using waste heat generated in industrial applications. 

The advocate coalition, known as the Heat is Power Association, includes businesses across the country and promotes the development of an American Waste Heat to Power (WH2P) market. The group says the benefits of waste heat include its potential as an American economic driver and its ability to generate emissions-free electricity. The association also says waste heat recovery projects also can increase efficiency, create jobs, support the country’s industrial and manufacturing base and help meet growing demand for energy.

In the process, waste heat from industrial processes is captured and converted to power. “Waste heat is a perfect opportunity to stop pitting industry versus the environment – we have the ability to bolster both efforts by capturing heat and generating homegrown emission-free electricity. It is time to start realizing that potential,” said Kelsey Southerland, executive director for the Heat is Power Association.

  – By Jesse Berst