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Waste Heat from Coffee and Oil & Gas Generates Electricity Without Emissions

Jul 15, 2016

What does oil and gas production have in common with coffee roasting? Both produce large amounts of heat that can be used to generate electricity without emissions.

Alphabet Energy of Hayward, CA will capture heat from gas that is flared in the Bakken oil and gas fields and use it to generate electricity with no additional fuel and no emissions. The electricity can be used on site to displace purchased power and save money. The opportunity is huge – the amount of methane that was emitted or flared from oil and gas drilling between 2009 and 2014 was enough to power more than 5 million U.S. homes for a year, according to the Department of Interior. Read more – This Startup Is Turning Gas Flares Into Power

Portland Coffee Roasters, working with Cool Energy of Boulder, CO, will capture the excess heat from its coffee roasting operations and use it generate enough fuel free, emission free electricity to double its coffee production while maintaining a carbon neutral footprint. Read more – Portland Roasting Coffee to Become World’s First Self-powered Commercial Roaster By 2017

These are just two opportunities for waste heat to power, also known as WHP. Check out www.HeatisPower.org for additional information about Alphabet Energy, Cool Energy and other Heat is Power member companies, as well as the technologies, opportunities and barriers to greater deployment of WHP in the U.S.

Want to see more of these types of projects? Let your members of Congress know that you support the Investment Tax Credit for waste heat to power.

About The Heat is Power Association
The Heat is Power Association (HiP) is the trade association for the waste heat to power (WHP) industry. WHP uses waste heat from industrial processes to generate electricity with no additional fuel, no combustion, and no incremental emissions. HiP educates decision makers about clean energy from waste heat and lobbies for policies that provide parity for WHP with other sources of emission-free power like wind, solar and geothermal. Heat is Power Association members include Alphabet Energy, Cool Energy, Cornerstone Sustainable Energy, Echogen, ElectraTherm, Ener-G-Rotors, Gulf Coast Green Energy, Integral Power, Primary Energy Recycling Corporation, Smardt Chillers Group, ThermaDrive, Alliance for Industrial Efficiency, Alliance to Save Energy, Pew Charitable Trusts Clean Energy Program, and SMU Geothermal Laboratory.