Free Webinar – 3-30-2021 – Stop the Loss: How facilities can use waste heat

HiP Co-hosts Free Webinar March 30, 2021, 10 AM CDT DOE CHP TAP – Featuring Waste Heat to Power Expert Loy Sneary and DOE CHP Experts – “Stop the Loss: How facilities can use waste heat to generate clean electricity and reduce operating costs.”

Register now: https://harcresearch.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_zTY2t3qRRe6D147hpd6yIQ


Rising fuel prices and a push towards carbon neutral solutions are driving many organizations to improve the energy efficiency of their installations. Industrial and manufacturing facilities miss out on a significant opportunity to generate clean energy by not capturing the waste heat from their processes. One opportunity to improve efficiency is to recover waste heat and use it to generate power, also known as Waste Heat to Power (WHP).

Significant improvements in waste heat capture and utilization applications and technologies make it more cost effective and applicable across a wider variety of market sectors. WHP can reduce operation and maintenance expenses, decrease site greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and an improve on-site resilience.

Join the Department of Energy CHP TAP for an interactive conversation focused on state of the art combined heat and power (CHP) and WHP technologies, applications, market trends, and a dive into several case studies of successful projects. The webinar will also cover technical assistance resources that are available to end-users interested in knowing if CHP or WHP would be good candidates for their facilities.

Gavin Dillingham-Director of the Upper West CHP TAP
Loy Sneary-President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE)
Deborah Nabaloga-Associate, Southcentral CHP TAP l

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