New Heat is Power Association Members Showcase Cutting Edge Technologies and Business Models – HiP Press Release, March 1, 2021

New Heat is Power Association Members Showcase Cutting Edge Technologies and Business Models – HiP Press Release, March 1, 2021

Oak Brook, IL – March 1, 2021 –The Heat is Power Association (HiP) is pleased to introduce four exciting companies that joined its membership ranks in the past year – Anax Power, Kanin Energy, Terrapin Geothermics, and Clean Energy Technology, Inc./ Heat Recovery Solutions.

Anax Power is a New Jersey-based company that generates clean power from natural gas, without combustion. Anax has pioneered the 500kW Anax Turboexpander (ATE) – a modular, plug-and-play unit that harnesses waste heat to spin a turbine and generate carbon-free electricity. In 2020, Anax was awarded a $2.4M grant through the Emissions Reduction Alberta Natural Gas Challenge to pilot its innovative technology at a site in Alberta. https://www.anaxpower.com/

Kanin Energy is the Alberta-based clean energy company that has been creating a buzz in waste heat to power circles in the United States this past year. Kanin is a project developer focused on capturing waste heat from industrial sites to generate emission free baseload power. Kanin combines well-proven organic rankine cycle waste (ORC) heat technology with its innovative business model to provide the capital, design, engineering, and operations that make clean energy waste heat projects a breeze for its clients. Kanin’s CEO Janice Tran – formerly of Generate Capital – serves as HiP’s Corporate Secretary. www.kaninenergy.com

Terrapin Geothermics is another Canadian clean energy project developer crossing the border and finding many opportunities to develop waste heat to power projects in the United States. Terrapin’s model is to pay its host facility customers for waste heat and develop waste heat to power and direct heat use projects that can provide baseload, carbon-free heat and power to the host and, in some cases, to the grid as well. Terrapin is also developing the wasted heat beneath our feet in geothermal formations with baseload heat to power developments. Terrapin has an established partnership with Exergy, an ORC technology designer and manufacturer. www.terrapingeo.com

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc./ Heat Recovery Solutions, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California is a publicly traded, global leader in ORC technology. Their patented Heat Recovery Solutions Clean Cycle™ magnetic bearing heat recovery generator boasts a global fleet of over a hundred installations with over a million operating hours. The Clean Cycle™ system captures waste heat from a variety of sources and turns it into electricity that can be used or sold back to the grid. www.cetyinc.com or www.heatrecoverysolutions.com

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