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The Heat is Power Association (HiP) is the trade association for the waste heat to power (WHP) industry. HiP educates decision makers about clean energy and cost savings benefits of WHP and advocates for policies that provide tax parity and a level playing field for WHP investment, development and deployment.

HiP Priorities


WHP uses waste heat from industrial processes to generate electricity with no additional fuel, no combustion, and no incremental emissions.  The Heat is Power Association (HiP) seeks inclusion of WHP in federal and state legislation, regulations, and programs as an energy efficient power resource that generates electricity with no additional fuel, combustion or emissions.


HIP Advocates For Policies That Provide Parity For WHP With Other Sources Of Emission Free Power.  Hip was successful in obtaining an investment tax credit for whp in 2021 and continues to work with congress to extend the initial timeline from 2 years for this important credit to develop clean energy technology. Hip also recommends language, evaluates, and comments on proposed state and federal policy to define whp as A renewable energy resource, or generally support whp. 


Hip works with state and federal policymakers, on the legislative and regulatory fronts, to promote recognition of whp as a renewable source of electric power, as well as an energy efficient resource.  WHP is considered a renewable energy resource in (?) states renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and an efficiency resource in (?) energy efficiency resource standards (EERS). HiP advises U.S. federal agencies on the technical and economic aspects of WHP and urges WHP’s recognition in federal regulation and programs. DOE’s most recent evaluation of WHP in the U.S. shows 15 GW potential. 


Benefits of HiP Membership

Membership Benefits

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Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities with leading manufacturers, packagers, project developers and end users in the WHP industry

Take control

Shape WHP Strategy

Opportunities to participate in  Committees that shape strategy and messaging plus Invitations to HiP conference calls on timely, relevant topics


Meet Policymakers

Special opportunities to meet with state and federal policymakers and agency leaders Plus priority to speak at industry conferences

Hip board

Seat on HiP Board

One seat on the HiP Board of Directors with opportunities to provide direction and make significant decisions on behalf of the Association

2021 membership

Join a coalition of companies working to advance the market for waste heat to power (WHP).

 Heat is Power Association members are actively building the WHP industry by developing WHP projects and innovative technologies, including steam turbines, organic Rankine cycle (ORC), thermoelectrics, Stirling engine, supercritical CO2, and others.

WHP Projects

Since the Heat is Power Act was first introduced in 2010, the Association has worked with members of Congress and other organizations to include WHP in a number of other bills introduced in Congress, including:

WHP ITC - 2019

Waste Heat to Power Investment Tax Credit. (ITC)

TEJSA - 2017

Technologies for Energy Jobs and Security Act. 

DAA - 2016

 Defense Authorization Act 

Power Act 2014,2015

The Power Act  2014,2015

MLPPA 2013,2015

Master Limited Partnership and Parity Act

HEAT Act, 2015

Heat Efficiency Through Applied Technology

Heat is Power Members

Driving Policy Advocacy for Waste Heat to Power
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Join HiP today to help build the WHP industry. We’ll represent your interests in DC and the states, highlight your company on our website and in press materials, expand your network within the industry and with prospective clients, provide opportunities for you to advocate for WHP with us, and more.

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