The Heat is Power Association (HiP) Executive Director and Executive Committee

Heat is Power


Executive Director

Jennifer Schafer

Cascade Associates

Jennifer started Cascade Associates in 1998 and has advocated tirelessly on energy and technology issues. She has had success driving energy policy, drafting and garnering support for significant portions of several major energy bills, on tax incentives, initiating and expanding the Fuel Cell Tax Credit, and increasing federal funding for her clients. Jennifer has initiated and led several coalition efforts and is currently the Executive Director of the Federal Performance Contracting Coalition and leads the Energy Efficiency Strategy Group.

Cascade Associates is adept at working with multiple organizations to advance policy and technical priorities and has cultivated deep-rooted working and personal relationships with policymakers and the stakeholder community in Washington, D.C. The team at Cascade has decades of combined policy experience and often leverages its strong network of connections to help advance client interests and enlist support through coalition building and grassroots mobilization efforts.

Heat is Power


John Prunkl

John Prunkl

(Chairman) Ironclad Partners

John Prunkl is Ironclad Energy’s CEO, co-founder and has 30+ years of global operating experience in natural gas fired CHP, district energy, wind energy, waste heat, waste water, chilling, standalone power plants and byproduct fuel fired generation facilities…


Janice Tran

(Vice-Chair) Kanin Energy

Janice is the Vice-Chair of the Heat is Power Association. Janice also provides the leadership and financing strategy as the Chief Executive Officer for Kanin Energy, a clean energy development company. Prior to Kanin, Janice was an early employee and Director at Generate Capital,…


Jessica Kelleher


Jessica serves as the Heat is Power Association’s secretary. Jessica is Director of Recovered Generation at Ormat Technologies, Inc. where she works to decarbonize heavy industries and the oil and gas sector by using waste heat recovery to generate clean power…

Mo klefeker

Mo Klefeker

(Treasurer) Primary Energy

President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Klefeker has been the President and CEO of Primary Energy since November 2015. His prior work experience of 20 years includes executive management responsibilities

Lynn Abrahamson

Lynn Abramson

(Federal Affairs Director) HiP

Lynn Abramson is President of the Clean Energy Business Network – the small business voice for the clean energy economy. CEBN enhances opportunities for clean energy providers through policy support, business development, and market..

Ilaria Peretti

Ilaria Peretti

Senior Consultant North America

Ilaria Peretti serve as a North American resident for Turboden since 2011, managing the sales and identifying new business leads in USA and Canada for Turboden technology and Turboden products. Earlier, she supported the integration between…